THE CrossFit South West Sydney STORY

CrossFit South West Sydney was founded in 2010 as one of Macarthurs first CrossFit gyms. It has grown over time to be one of the oldest, respected and best equipped CrossFit gym in Australia.

At CrossFit SWS we aim to make every person feel important, respected and a part of our community. Having a science-based approach to our programming and coaching is a cornerstone of our approach with the majority of our coaches being University qualified.

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OUR coaches

James Colley coach at CrossFit South West Sydney



James is the Owner and Head trainer of CrossFit South West Sydney. With extensive experience and University Qualifications, James sets the programming, tone and methodology used each cycle at CFSWS. With strong understanding of Biomechanics, technique, efficiency and structure are the underpinning characteristics that define his approach to coaching. Outside of the gym James' hobbies include rock climbing, canyoning, ultra marathon, snowboarding and building random furniture.

Qualifications Bachelor of Applied Science: Sport and Exercise Science Accredited Exercise Physiologist Cert. 3 & 4 in fitness Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1 Aus Weightlifting Federation Olympic lifting Coach Level 1 Sports Trainer Level 1 Crossfit Instructor Level 2 Pendlay Weightlifting CrossFit Movement and Mobility course with Kelly Starrett CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course with Rob Orlando FreeStyle Connection Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli The Outlaw Way training camp Attitude nation Level 1 Weightlifting Dimtry Klokov Weightlifting Seminar

Jacob Marquardt coach at CrossFit South West Sydney



Jacob began CrossFit in 2012 and has been a coach since 2015. From CrossFit Jacob found a passion for Olympic Weightlifting and has developed his talents to the point of being a National Level athlete with the goal of qualifying for the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Taking on the role of head coach in 2018, Jacob is responsible for all things CrossFit in the gym including both programming, specialist seminars and member relations.

Jacob is passionate about helping both beginners and experienced athletes improve beyond their own expectations and he does this with a strong emphasis on Sport and Exercise Science. Outside of the gym Jacobs hobbies include reading, catching up with mates and smashing a bit of PlayStation. Qualifications Bachelors of Sport and Exercise Science CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 National Level Weightlifter

Alex Josipovic coach at CrossFit South West Sydney



Alex was introduced to CrossFit in 2019 as an Exercise Science Student whilst on placement at CrossFit SWS. Taking to the training methodology straight away Alex soon became a CrossFit coach at SWS and has continued on to become an Exercise Physiologist. Alex has a background in Football playing goalkeeper at NPL 1, 2 & 3 level as well as overseas training experience with European clubs.

Alex’s training passions now revolve around the barbell and is passionate about perfecting his craft as well as helping people of all abilities grow and improve their health and fitness. Outside of the gym Alex’s hobbies include social Football, eating and not being able to think of any other hobbies when asked. Qualifications Masters in Exercise Physiology Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science

Ryan Maslen coach at CrossFit South West Sydney



Ryan found CrossFit in 2009 in between bicep curls at AquaFit and has been hooked ever since. Ryan's primary training passion is for Olympic Lifting and is a big role model to many SWS athletes. His dedication and commitment to training as well as being keenly interested to provide help to anyone has made him an asset to the gym. Ryan is responsible for looking after the early morning crew and updating them on the latest podcast he listened to. Known for his rough sense of humour and equally rough head, Ryan has been a part of CFSWS since its initial inception.

Qualifications Began CrossFit in 2009 Became a trainer at CFSWS in 2011 Cert 3 & 4 in fitness Pendlay Level 1 Weightlifting Completion of CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course with Rob Orlando Completion of FreeStyle Connection Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli Attended The Outlaw Way training camp

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