The Benefits Of CrossFit For The Mind & Body

There’s always one person we know that seems utterly obsessed with CrossFit, and for good reason! The benefits of CrossFit for both the mind and the body are phenomenal. So if you have not yet been tempted to jump into a CrossFit box, here’s a list of the benefits, just to make sure you also become one of the CrossFit obsessed people!


  1. CrossFit Boosts Confidence


Smashing goals, losing weight, building muscle and self-improvement, regularly occur in CrossFit and this is what builds confidence. When you are constantly seeing yourself beating your personal bests, plus looking absolutely amazing in the mirror, you will ooze confidence as well as know that you are capable of great things.

  1. CrossFit Relieves Stress And Makes You Happier


Any form of exercise can make you feel happier, as well as fight off stress, anxiety and depression. A CrossFit workout is like eating chocolate, it releases endorphins, the happy hormones, which make you feel good.


  1. CrossFit Improves Your Social Life


Unlike the gym, where you don’t talk to anyone, CrossFit is a social environment where everyone is encouraging and motivating each other. Everyone has the same goal and this common interest produces lasting friendships that even extend outside of the box.


  1. CrossFit Builds Muscle


Resistance training and weight training are two ways to build muscle that CrossFit uses in its workouts. When the muscles are under pressure they form micro tears, that when healed, grow back bigger and stronger, allowing you to lift more. CrossFit has given thousands of people strong and muscly bodies.


  1. CrossFit Burns Energy


CrossFit workouts are super intense and will have you sweating and trying to catch your breath. This means that you are burning calories, hundreds of calories! So if you want to lose weight, then burning calories is what you want, because your metabolism will be taking energy from fat deposits around your body, to be used as energy. Over time this will translate in a toned and trim rig.


  1. CrossFit Improves Energy & Stamina


CrossFit is a dynamic workout that is going to test and improve your energy and stamina. By pushing yourself to your limits in each class, you are slowly extending your range, so that you can go for longer, push harder and jump higher.


  1. CrossFit Helps You Perform Under Pressure


CrossFit requires you to do your best within a certain amount of time. This means giving it your all for those 15 to 20 minutes. With time you will be able to perform better under pressure both in the box and in life.


  1. CrossFit Improves Joint Mobility


CrossFit encompasses a variety of functional movements that require you to move your body in all sorts of directions. This improves your balance, flexibility and mobility in your joints, thus creating healthier joints and reducing your chances of injury.


  1. CrossFit Improves Overall Health


CrossFit improves a range of health domains including stamina, balance, power, agility, endurance, strength and coordination. This means that all the workouts you perform in CrossFit are improving the health of different areas in your body, including your organs, blood flow, oxygen flow, heart health, cell growth, cell repair, metabolism, immune system and really just your overall health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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