5 Reasons People Are Obsessed With CrossFit

Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with CrossFit. It’s not uncommon and that’s because CrossFit is an addictive sport with many challenges and trials. As well as loads of team spirit and drive to beat personal bests. Still not sold? Well here are 5 reasons why people are obsessed with CrossFit.

CrossFit Builds A Sexy Bod

So many people are obsessed with CrossFit because it helps them to look great, feel great and see results. CrossFit builds muscle and burns fat, revealing a super toned rig. The resistance training encourages muscle growth, while the super intense workouts make you sweat and burn hundreds of calories. With CrossFit you will see physical results within a few weeks, but many people notice a positive change in their energy levels much sooner.

CrossFitters Get Sick Way Less Often

Being healthy is addictive! You get sick less often, you have more energy, you look great and you feel great! Who wouldn’t be obsessed with that? CrossFit encourages a healthy diet, and so with a balanced nutrition intake and plenty of exercise, you will be boosting your immune system. Living a healthier lifestyle helps to prevent common colds, reduce injuries and reduce the possibility of disease development. When you are looking after your body, your body will look after you.

CrossFit Means An Instant Group of Friends

CrossFit is super social and that’s why people are obsessed with it. It’s not like going to the gym where you talk to no one. CrossFit is an individual sport in a team environment. Everyone is there to work hard, improve and encourage each other. With so many like-minded people in one place, its social and friendships blossom easily. A military philosophy is that physically demanding tasks bind people together. Everyone works together, each giving 100% and at the end of the day, resting with a sense of victory and achievement knowing that the team is getting stronger. As adults it is increasingly hard to find new friends. We go to work, we go home and we look after the kids. Everyone is SO busy. Coming to the gym gives you an hour a day to yourself with like minded people.

CrossFit Is Actually Fun!

It’s much more fun exercising in a social and encouraging environment. With so many different workouts for each fitness level and each workout being a challenge, this keeps you feeling motivated and anticipating the next session. Plus it’s easy to make new friends and it’s addictive trying to always beat your personal best.

Compete To Win!

Competing is not for everyone but for those who have that competitive streak, CrossFit is going to give you your fix! Every CrossFit session is a competition, you have to compete against yourself, beat your personal best and try to beat everyone else in the box. Building up towards a CrossFit Games is on another level. Its challenging, straining, intense and super fun. CrossFitters don’t go to CrossFit games to give it a go, or try their best, no, they go to WIN and kick some butt! That’s why all competitive people and those who love a challenge, are obsessed with CrossFit – the thrill is addictive![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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