Is CrossFit for Beginners?

When people think of CrossFit, they always imagine strong muscly men and women lifting huge weights under the pressure of a stopwatch. On a professional level, like at the CrossFit Games, this is what happens, but everyone needs to start somewhere and once upon a time, those professionals were also beginners.

CrossFit is for every one of all fitness levels and that includes beginners. Even if you have never even exercises before, CrossFit can still be for you. At CrossFit South West Sydney, we have a variety of people, a variety of workouts, a variety of equipment and friendly coaches.

The Coaches

CrossFit coaches are there to motivate, instruct, correct and improve each individual in the class. These trained and qualified professionals keep an eye on each person, whether they have been doing CrossFit for years or have just started. Their job is to mentor you through the WODs, as well as teach you the techniques for your own safety and performance. Ask them questions and pick their brains but no doubt they are going to push you, because they won’t stop until each person has achieved their goals.

The Workouts

WODs, or Workouts of the Day vary every time you step into the box. Each session is designed so that each person is working to his or her own ability. You are not going to be forced to do something beyond your fitness level but we can guarantee that after each WOD, you are going to be absolutely drenched in sweat – but that’s what CrossFit is all about. As a beginner, your WOD will either include light weights or no weights at all. Rather your focus will be on technique, because proper form is what makes a great athlete.

The Team

CrossFit boxes always have a variety of people. Don’t think you are going to walk into a box and see only buff people. At CrossFit South West Sydney we have a variety of people attending classes including teens, mums, dads and sometimes even grandparents! Everyone you see in class was one upon a time a beginner, just like you. But they decided to give it a go, push their limits and challenge themselves. Either way you won’t feel out of place, because everyone is there with the same goal, and so everyone is warm, encouraging and ready to lend a helping hand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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