5 Differences Between A Crossfit Gym And A Normal Gym.

The gym and the CrossFit gym are both places to workout, but they have some very big key differences. Many people think that there is not much difference but at the end of the day its not what’s in the gym, its how you use it! So here are 5 differences between a CrossFit gym and a normal gym.

Firstly It’s A Box

Firstly it’s not a gym, it’s a box. A CrossFit box is literally just that, a box. It is a basic square shaped room, made from cement walls that only contains the equipment needed. There’s no fancy gym signs, gym machines or five stories of equipment. The box is a simple cube with lots of space to have an intense workout. We cut away all the distractions, get rid of the mirrors and TV’s and focus on the reason why you are there in the first place.

It’s Never Boring

Going to the gym is boring and repetitive – “its back & bi’s day…..again”. Having to create your own workout routine, as well as push yourself in the gym, is not as fun as being in a team, having the coach push you and trying to beat your personal best in CrossFit. Each day is different and challenging. Each 60 minute session starts with a 10 minute warm up, followed by advancing a particular skill like skipping or handstands, followed by the WOD (workout of the day), which is always something different and lastly a 10 minute cool down. The WOD can be adapted and changed to suit the client’s fitness level and goals.

Everyone Knows Your Name

CrossFit is super social. It’s an individual sport in a team environment. Everyone is there for the same reason. They want to get stronger, beat their personal bests, as well as help others who want the same. There is a lot of partner work and teamwork, so friendships blossom easily and after a few sessions, everyone will be screaming your name! At CrossFit you will never be bored or alone on the treadmill again!

Someone Is Going To Be Pushing You

At CrossFit the coach is included! No need to pay extra for a personal trainer. The coach will create all the workouts and guide the group through the session. They will also give advice and instruction where needed, especially when it comes to technique. They will also help push each individual and keep track of progress. If you have questions or concerns, then your coach is the person who you should consult and seek guidance from.

Back To Basics

A CrossFit box looks nothing like a gym. It’s super basic. Forget multi-use machines, elliptical machines, machines with TVs and machine with games you can play. The box only has the basics needed for a good dynamic workout. You will find barbells, weights, bars, boxes, rowing machines, skipping ropes, kettlebells, ceiling ropes, dumbbells, tyres and that’s pretty much it. A lot of equipment is not required for a good workout, just a varied of moves are needed.


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